Purgatory People

Photo Patron

Every month receive several not-on-website-or-social-media cemetery (most are above ground), stained glass or church pictures from New Orleans as background/wallpaper for your computer, laptop or smartphone. iPhone directions included.

Learning Patron

Purgatory Prayer Blog Post with information about one aspect of Purgatory to learn about the Church Suffering

Podcast Patron

Exclusive Interview Podcast – listen to a priest, a faithful Catholic or a convert tell you their story

Behind-The-Scenes Patron

Video tour of a catholic church, local cemetery or institution as we share thoughts, prayers and insights

Priest Gift Set Patron

50 (4” x 9”) Poor Souls prayer cards
50 (4” x 6”) Poor Souls prayer cards – Priests, at their discretion, have used this size as Penance for those in the Confessional or as a bookmark in their bible.

Champion Patron

Prayer cards shipped to you or donated anonymously

100 (4” x 9”) Poor Souls prayer cards

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