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Join The Action Apostolate To Help Your Loved Ones While Comforting Your Soul

Strengthen your prayer life

The Action Apostolate for the Poor Souls in Purgatory providing prayer cards and other resources to help the living (Church Militant) to pray for the Poor Souls (Church Suffering) to get them into Heaven (Church Triumphant!) sooner to forever be with His Glorious Presence in Heaven.

Strengthen your prayer life with stories from the Faithful, spiritual conversations on our Podcast or getting our Downloads. Evangelize with your family or parish to bring them comfort by getting our prayer cards to get involved. 

Purgatory People's Mission

To help Catholics with both spiritual and other resources to pray for their
family, friends, and enemies who could be Poor Souls in Purgatory.

Get Help Now While We Pray Together

Prayers in English, Spanish and Latin

Download your Catholic prayer cards to begin praying now and forever for your loved one.

Purgatory People Podcast

Listen to Catholic stories, interviews and discussions as we pray together to empty Purgatory.

FaceBook Group

Share your story of how your deceased beloved, family, friends or enemies impacted your life.

New Orleans Cemetery Photos

New Orleans City of the Dead where loved ones to forgotten ones are buried above ground.

Monthly Sweepstakes

Something unique that we offer as a prize to a lucky living soul that is destined to win

Monthly Membership

Special items for your financial support to get more people praying for the Poor Souls

Start Helping The Poor Souls Now

How To Offer Your Mass For A Deceased Loved One

Jesus loves the Poor Souls and uses your prayers to lessen the Poor Souls suffering, offering up all the works of charity, both corporal and spiritual, to help the soul of your loved ones move through Purgatory.

Prayers Cards In Print and Online To Guide The Faithful

Our Poor Souls in Purgatory prayer card gives you daily prayers and actions to help the Poor Souls. Pray for your loved ones, friends or enemies because they may be crying out to you for prayers.

How To Get Involved To Empty Purgatory!

We now offer more Catholic products, especially the six-decade rosary, to honor Our Lady. All monies, generated or offered, go toward printing or supporting the Purgatory People to empty Purgatory.

Few prepare a plan BEFORE they die to receive Masses and Blessings AFTER they die.

- Ron Gurba Jr

They say a person died too young.  No, they died right on time.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  

You need a game plan when it comes to Purgatory. 

Before you die we help getting you to pray for the Poor Souls, so our prayers help you when you die.  Your new evangelization for the Poor Souls with your family, friends and enemies will get them started praying for the Poor Souls for them to know what to do after you die.

Resources are here to help you deal with those whose lives you were honored to be a part of but were called to leave this side of the veil.  You will also think twice about keeping, or making, enemies.  Let’s move your heart away from enemies and get you closer to thinking about God more.  No enemy is worth you spending one extra second in Purgatory!

0 +

Priests Using Cards
in the Confessional

0 +

4" x 9" LATIN
Poor Souls Card

50 +

4" x 9" ENGLISH
Poor Souls Cards

100 +

4" x 9" SPANISH
Poor Souls Cards

50 +

4" x 6" BIBLE SIZE
Poor Souls Cards

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Online Downloads
Poor Souls Cards

Prayer Cards Distributed Worldwide

Welcome to the Confessional

One of the most important numbers is 9+, which is the number of priests who said they use the Poor Souls prayer cards as Penance in the Confessional.  

Part of your Penance given to complete the Absolution of your sins could be to pray using our simple prayer card.  

Who could have ever guessed that printing a few cards would lead to being an integral part of Absolution to those in need? 

Every day is a blessing.

English Poor Souls Catholic Prayer Card

Tarjetas de Oración Para Las Almas Del Purgatorio

Latin Poor Souls Catholic Prayer Card

Mourning Conversations

Sharing Your Best Memories And Sorrows Brings Comfort

When You Need To Talk

“Talking is not easy to start, but after a few minutes of listening to humor they shared with me, I was more at ease to say a few things, then more and more until forgotten details made me happy again, if only for a short while.”

Let's Pray Together

“I haven’t prayed with someone since the funeral because everyone has moved on, so why am I in such sorrow?  I cried, but my tears had more joy than pain.  We discussed my prayer life plan to let in more joy.” 

We Love Listening

“They got me started talking right away.  I was expecting a conversation over coffee, but they were anxious to listen to me.  You know how people don’t understand where you are?  He did.  He led me more than I led him.  I needed that refreshing talk.”

Sharing Memories

“Vacations, tender moments, graduation, family tragedies and more were part of ‘us.’  It felt good reminding myself that a few days of death paled in comparison to dozens of years of life.  I shared the journey and left the destination that we all face to another time.”

Catholic Priest Testimonials

"I can't thank you enough for your prayer card, Pray for the Poor Souls in Purgatory. Unfortunately, many of us fail to remember that pool of grace that is available to us through our prayers for those who are in Purgatory. You are more than welcomed to place your prayer cards in the vestibule of the church and the Adoration Chapel. I remain yours in Christ."
Handwritten Letter from a Catholic Priest
New Orleans, Louisiana. USA
"Your box of religious material arrived safely. St Francis Xavier, St Ignatious and Immaculate Conception parishes will all benefit from your generosity. Thank you so very much. The souls in Purgatory must love you very much."
From Catholic Priest
Missoula, Montana. USA
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